“The fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, connects and revolutionizes various aspects of the industry, including manufacturing and business processes such as the supply chain. The increasing demand for personalized products from customers is one of the main drivers of this transformation in the industry. Traditional processes are very efficient for batch production and low-cost manufacturing of bulk products, but they are relatively long and inefficient for manufacturing custom products. The same goes for the processes and business models used in this manufacturing mode. Industry 4.0 uses cyber physical systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to introduce technological and human improvements, which translate into increased productivity, product quality with manufacturing time and product price reduced. This means that the balance between people, machines, materials, capabilities and available skills has to be carefully managed. An advanced production planning and scheduling system using AI has become essential to meet the current industry trend.”

Ferdinand Casier
Business Group Leader Digital
AGORIA Technology Industry Association, Belgium

MangoGem is an independent innovative IT company with a disruptive new product in the fast growing sector of "AI for Manufacturing". Our flagship product is the ORITAMES software, a finite capacity APS, planning & scheduling optimizer. 

We are at the start of our scaling-up and looking for funding in order to accelerate  growth and then expand market presence. We welcome industrial investors, business angels or venture capital firms to contact us and contribute to our success.
ORITAMES Intellectual Property is fully owned by us.

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Construction at KTD Group

The main business objective of KTD as it applies to the road construction use case was to reduce overall costs (e.g. extra hours, travel, parking, ...) and increase the utilization of resources by eliminating unnecessary idle time and time lost in transport between locations. 
The main use case we have considered is road construction, but the same model/GUI and logic applies to road maintenance/snow plowing/multi fields farming, etc. Basically, anywhere where field coverage planning is required (think vehicle tracks, different zones, different surface layers) we need to handle first the operations and logistics planning & scheduling in a way that optimizes our KPIs, in particular costs. We needed an APS engine that we can integrate with our software that is handling the in-field execution part at the single vehicle level with autonomous driving simulations to better estimate task duration at any specific geographic zone with specific spatial configuration.
Until recently, KTD was planning manually and using MS Excel. This process was unable to optimize resource usage. It did not scale to growing business activity.


MangoGem is an innovative company, active in R&D and operational implementations with AI for manufacturing and Industry 4.0. We're always open for motivated, talented and internationally oriented young and not young people with high level IT, scientific or engineering degrees. Experience with industry is a plus.
Open positions

  • Research scientist in operations research, artificial intelligence or algorithms interested in planning & scheduling optimization problems
  • Professional Java / Eclipse developer
  • Field operations engineer for implementation of planning & scheduling applications in industry

Send your resume and cover letter to

Multiple Projects at PMIInsight

Ignoring resource constraints, this Master Schedule had a makespan of 264 days. Using Microsoft Project’s Resource Levelling function, a makespan of 506 days was achieved. This same Master Schedule optimized using ORITAMES produced a makespan of 396 days!

Stone Quarry at Aslepiedra

The main objective of Aslepiedra was to eliminate late deliveries, while reducing overall project cycle times. Elimination of idle times and unnecessary material transport was set as a nice-to-have side effect

Metal Industry by Boja

The main objectives of Fabrica was to optimally load the batch furnaces, reduce the setups and eliminate late deliveries, while reducing overall project cycle times. Before using the APS, they needed a very high Work-In-Process (WIP) to keep the lines going, which meant a very high capital cost.

Optimizing Operations KPIs

If you want to improve performance, improve efficiency and reduce costs, ORITAMES is for you. If you want to migrate from messy spreadsheets, or are stuck with hard to implement complex programs, ORITAMES is for you.

ORITAMES APS Scheduler is a powerful Advanced Planning and Scheduling System including a versatile scheduling optimizer. ORITAMES is easy to implement and use and can handle large and complex problems in areas such as multiple projects planning, manufacturing, event organization, routing, maintenance, staff assignment, software development, ...

ORITAMES is innovative, using the most recent advances in the science of operations research to tackle challenging real-life domain-specific cases and generic problems.

What is APS Optimization

An APS system is the tool to achieve the improvement of those KPIs. It is a system that creates realistic and optimised operational plans and resource schedules that optimise the KPIs: it tells everyone what to do and when to do it in an optimal way..

An APS is not a simulator, a data collection system or a replacement for an ERP. It’s rather a complementary tool that goes beyond the simulation by proposing better scenarios, a tool that uses the data for decision support and the perfect booster to any ERP to make it smarter.

What an APS really replaces are messy spreadsheets, simplistic planning boards that do not scale ... and the chaos of badly managed plans and schedules. Basically, it’s a giant puzzle solver to be used when manual planning is beyond the capacity of a human being.


MangoGem has developed the ORITAMES APS for scheduling optimization with the aim to go beyond state-of-the-art APS systems and make it accessible and easy to implement for organizations of any size. It uses a unique combination of mathematical optimization methods, heuristics and other advanced information technology such as artificial intelligence.

Who Are We?

Our software for Intelligent Planning & Scheduling helps enterprises improve business performance and optimize operations

We are APS experts in industrial operations & planning,
Manufacturing Science, Operations Research IT and of course innovative Heuristics & Artificial Intelligence

  • Founded in 2002, first as consulting or third-party APS development
  • After 2011, we develop & implement our own 5th generation APS
  • Exclusive focus Real-Time APS, S&OP & SCP solutions for enterprises (Industry 4.0)
  • High level team, professors and PhDs, and senior industry experts
  • Located in Brussels, Belgium, active worldwide with local VAR partners
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