Survival of the agile!

The current COVID crisis is nightmare that caught the world unprepared!

For industrial enterprises, it just intensified a key element of the reality of today's manufacturing world: the ability to cope with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). Any organization needs to adjust to never seen variances and new production constraints impacting efficiency. Everyone has to become more agile and more reactive in order to cope with changing demands both when a downturn happens, as well as when a fast recovery requires a steep ramp up.

Industry 4.0 Online Meetings

On May 27, 2020 the Industry 4.0 Online Meetings event will take place.

This is the ideal place for participating in B2B meetings without leaving your home office.

MangoGem will be present there and showcase our brand new version 2.6 of ORITAMES Advanced Planning & Scheduling optimization system.

This event requires registration with the organizer: here

Applied AI Conference 2020

On May 11, 2020 the Applied AI Conference organized by AI Austria will be held online. This event gives the opportunity for B2B meetings between AI solution providers and AI end users for a wide range of applications.

MangoGem will be present there and will welcome inquiries for R&D cooperation in AI for manufacturing and supply chain optimization as well as for end users willing to learn about our AI-powered ORITAMES Advanced Planning & Scheduling PS optimization system.

Connect for free on the organizers site and request a meeting with us!


Our software for Intelligent Planning & Scheduling helps enterprises improve business performance and optimize operations

We are APS experts in industrial operations & planning,
Manufacturing Science, Operations Research IT and of course innovative Heuristics & Artificial Intelligence

  • Founded in 2002, first as consulting or third-party APS development
  • After 2011, we develop & implement our own 5th generation APS
  • Exclusive focus Real-Time APS, S&OP & SCP solutions for enterprises (Industry 4.0)
  • High level team, professors and PhDs, and senior industry experts
  • Located in Brussels, Belgium, active worldwide with local VAR partners


MangoGem SA
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R&D Labs and Operations

MangoGem SA
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ORITAMES APS solutions can be tailored for variety of business processes and applications.

  • Production finite capacity planning & scheduling
  • Real-time dispatching
  • Distributed logistic activities scheduling
  • Time tabling
  • Service industry scheduling
  • Supply chain planning
  • Routing optimization
  • Layout optimization
  • Long term capacity, volume & investment planning

Selected Testimonials & References


Metal, Glass, Wood, Mining, Semiconductors, Construction, Defense, Packaging, Equipment, Electronics, Stone, Automotive, Pharma, Food, …

ORITAMES APS is flexible and generic to be used in different kinds of industries and organisations. it is for large or complex data sets under diverse constraints.

Hans Ehm
Principal Supply Chain Management

Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

“The MangoGem team have been implementing manufacturing planning & scheduling systems for us for the last 25 years. They helped us to introduce innovative concepts in our plants, listened to our needs, solved very challenging problems and delivered results that improved our performance. Great problem solvers!"

​Tadas Jurgutis
​Business DevelopmentManager
​KTD Group, Lithuania

“We find ORITAMES to be a very flexible and adaptive real-time scheduling tool. Construction industry is very challenging to plan, so ORITAMES ability to quickly model our specific constraints was a key criterion when selecting the APS vendor. We are confident to have the right tool and long-term partner to cement our competitive edge for the v4.0 digital revolution.”

Carlos Blanco
Principal Engineer
Boja Systems SL, Spain

“We successfully implemented ORITAMES APS system in Spain for transformation industries (metal, stone, …) which improved planning quality and optimized production. Our clients recovered their APS investment in very short time.”

​Koen De Clercq
Board Member
Objective International BV, Belgium

“Top specialists in the APS domain, a.o. in the Semicon industry. They are always looking for the optimum, not only in a planning, but also in a business partnership.”

​Ian Tierney
Principal & Owner
Pm Insight, Australia

“Not content to offer the best project schedule optimization tool in the world, MangoGem continues to invest and enhance the capabilities of ORITAMES. Each subsequent release improves on the previous, providing a rich set of features that helps consider ‘what-if’ scenarios and blended cost, time and resource optimized schedules.”

MARINA Experiment identified as “Best Practice” by MIDIH Consortium

On February 19th 2020 during the Vanguard Initiative Workshop in Brussels, Ms Suzanne Kuehrer of EIT Digital presented the MARINA Experiment of MangoGem as  "Best Practice" out of the MIDIH (Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs) project.

In MARINA (Manufacturing optimization with ARtificial Intelligence) MangoGem implemented the idea of "using AI to tune the AI" in order to automatically parametrize APS solver settings, thus lowering implementation efforts and making it easier for manufacturing SMEs to adopt AI-powered planning & scheduling optimization.

This experiment also brought FIWARE technology compatibility to the ORITAMES APS, another way to facilitate multi-vendor It systems integration.

From Rules to Intelligent Planning & Scheduling

Anyone claiming that the problem of finite capacity planning & scheduling for manufacturing enterprises is fully solved is clearly missing the point. In any but very simple cases, the problem is still open both at the scientific as well as at the industrial level.


ORITAMES is also locally distributed and implemented by our network of local VAR partners. Active ORITAMES VARs are located in Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and Israël, and will soon be in USA, Malaysia and South America. ORITAMES partners offer add-ons and vertical solutions and expertise. MangoGem SA is also supported by technology and R&D partners.

Please contact us if you want to enter our partnership program.
















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ORITAMES solutions can be used in different kinds of industries and organizations, such as discrete manufacturing (metal, glass, furniture, electronics, quarries, food processing, …), construction & infrastructure projects, logistics & transportation, equipment & infrastructure maintenance, projects engineering and service organizations (schools, hospitals, …). It's flexible modeling capabilities and business rules scripting extensions make it adaptable to many cases without custom programming.