“The fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, connects and revolutionizes various aspects of the industry, including manufacturing and business processes such as the supply chain. The increasing demand for personalized products from customers is one of the main drivers of this transformation in the industry. Traditional processes are very efficient for batch production and low-cost manufacturing of bulk products, but they are relatively long and inefficient for manufacturing custom products. The same goes for the processes and business models used in this manufacturing mode. Industry 4.0 uses cyber physical systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to introduce technological and human improvements, which translate into increased productivity, product quality with manufacturing time and product price reduced. This means that the balance between people, machines, materials, capabilities and available skills has to be carefully managed. An advanced production planning and scheduling system using AI has become essential to meet the current industry trend.”



Ferdinand Casier
Business Group Leader Digital
AGORIA Technology Industry Association, Belgium


About Mangogem

MangoGem is an independent innovative IT company with a disruptive new product in the fast growing sector of "AI for Manufacturing". Our flagship product is the MangoGem APS Optimizer software, a finite capacity APS, planning & scheduling optimizer. 

We are at the start of our scaling-up and looking for funding in order to accelerate  growth and then expand market presence. We welcome industrial investors, business angels or venture capital firms to contact us and contribute to our success.
MangoGem APS Optimizer Intellectual Property is fully owned by us.

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