MangoGem APS Optimizer

AI-Powered Adaptive Planning & Scheduling Optimization for Production & Supply Chains

MangoGem developed the MangoGem APS Optimizer for planning & scheduling optimization with the aim to go beyond state-of-the-art APS systems and make this solution accessible and easy to implement for organizations of any size. It uses a unique combination of mathematical optimization methods, heuristics and other advanced information technology such as artificial intelligence.

Truly optimizes planning & scheduling in just minutes

Optimizing Operations KPIs

If you want to improve performance, improve efficiency and reduce costs, MangoGem APS Optimizer is for you.

What is APS Optimization

Scheduling optimization with the aim to go beyond state-of-the-art APS systems.


A powerful Advanced Planning and Scheduling System including a versatile scheduling optimizer.

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- Fast feedback
- Increases engineering and development speed
- High utilization
- Reduction of costs
- More capacity
- Faster delivery
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