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Metal, Glass, Wood, Mining, Semiconductors, Construction, Defense, Packaging, Equipment, Electronics, Stone, Automotive, Pharma, Food, …

ORITAMES APS is flexible and generic to be used in different kinds of industries and organisations. it is for large or complex data sets under diverse constraints.

Hans Ehm
Principal Supply Chain Management

Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

“The MangoGem team have been implementing manufacturing planning & scheduling systems for us for the last 25 years. They helped us to introduce innovative concepts in our plants, listened to our needs, solved very challenging problems and delivered results that improved our performance. Great problem solvers!"

​Tadas Jurgutis
​Business DevelopmentManager
​KTD Group, Lithuania

“We find ORITAMES to be a very flexible and adaptive real-time scheduling tool. Construction industry is very challenging to plan, so ORITAMES ability to quickly model our specific constraints was a key criterion when selecting the APS vendor. We are confident to have the right tool and long-term partner to cement our competitive edge for the v4.0 digital revolution.”

Carlos Blanco
Principal Engineer
Boja Systems SL, Spain

“We successfully implemented ORITAMES APS system in Spain for transformation industries (metal, stone, …) which improved planning quality and optimized production. Our clients recovered their APS investment in very short time.”

​Koen De Clercq
Board Member
Objective International BV, Belgium

“Top specialists in the APS domain, a.o. in the Semicon industry. They are always looking for the optimum, not only in a planning, but also in a business partnership.”

​Ian Tierney
Principal & Owner
Pm Insight, Australia

“Not content to offer the best project schedule optimization tool in the world, MangoGem continues to invest and enhance the capabilities of ORITAMES. Each subsequent release improves on the previous, providing a rich set of features that helps consider ‘what-if’ scenarios and blended cost, time and resource optimized schedules.”