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Optimizing Operations KPIs

If you want to improve performance, improve efficiency and reduce costs, ORITAMES is for you. If you want to migrate from messy spreadsheets, or are stuck with hard to implement complex programs, ORITAMES is for you.

ORITAMES APS Scheduler is a powerful Advanced Planning and Scheduling System including a versatile scheduling optimizer. ORITAMES is easy to implement and use and can handle large and complex problems in areas such as multiple projects planning, manufacturing, event organization, routing, maintenance, staff assignment, software development, ...

ORITAMES is innovative, using the most recent advances in the science of operations research to tackle challenging real-life domain-specific cases and generic problems.

What is APS Optimization

An APS system is the tool to achieve the improvement of those KPIs. It is a system that creates realistic and optimised operational plans and resource schedules that optimise the KPIs: it tells everyone what to do and when to do it in an optimal way..

An APS is not a simulator, a data collection system or a replacement for an ERP. It’s rather a complementary tool that goes beyond the simulation by proposing better scenarios, a tool that uses the data for decision support and the perfect booster to any ERP to make it smarter.

What an APS really replaces are messy spreadsheets, simplistic planning boards that do not scale ... and the chaos of badly managed plans and schedules. Basically, it’s a giant puzzle solver to be used when manual planning is beyond the capacity of a human being.


MangoGem has developed the ORITAMES APS for scheduling optimization with the aim to go beyond state-of-the-art APS systems and make it accessible and easy to implement for organizations of any size. It uses a unique combination of mathematical optimization methods, heuristics and other advanced information technology such as artificial intelligence.