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Visit us at ABISS 2018 on October 4th in Kortrijk

MangoGem SA will be there at ABISS 2018 event to present its solutions for digital, connected & smart industry. Come and meet our CEO and CTO demonstrating how our innovative ORITAMES APS Scheduler solution can improve operations KPIs in manufacturing industries. For demonstrations, use cases and more visit our stand.

MangoGem at the Smart Manufacturing Meetings in Paris

MangoGem SA will be present at the Smart Manufacturing Meetings to take place in Paris on May 30th and 31st. MangoGem will showcase its AI-based Advanced Planning & Scheduling system ORITAMES as a disruptive technology to solve the operational performance challenges of Industry 4.0.

Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence for APS

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently become a trendy topic. For most people, this is mainly related to autonomous systems, robotic assistants or Big Data for Sales & Marketing. But there are also great expectations regarding applications of AI in the workplace and even in the work floor. McKinsey estimates the economic impact of AI in Supply Chain at around 1.4 trillion USD. This White Paper discusses how the ORITAMES APS Scheduler uses AI to go beyond the SOTA of legacy APS systems.

MangoGem and Synerglass Soft sign VAR Partnership on ORITAMES APS Scheduler

MangoGem SA and Synerglass Soft SA signed a technology and commercial partnership on Advanced Planning & Scheduling. Synerglass Soft has achieved the integration of the ORITAMES APS Scheduling Engine into its complete ERP software suite.

With this integration, Synerglass Soft is able to provide a best-of-breed APS solution that has been tailored to the requirements of the glass manufacturing industry to further optimize the performance of its customers.

MangoGem and HIPPEROS sign Partnership on Embedded Analytics

MangoGem SA and HIPPEROS SA have just signed a technology and commercial partnership on Embedded Analytics.

For MangoGem, this partnership brings HIPPEROS's expertise in real-time, embedded systems and devices, which help create the IoT devices that can capture production & logistics data in real-time in the context of Industry 4.0 and real-time logistics. This is an important add-on when the ORITAMES APS Scheduler is used as a real-time decision support systems.

How to Select an APS System?

When selecting an APS system for implementation you need to pay attention to several factors that influence the time, efforts, costs and of course the benefits that you get from such implementation. The 4 main factors are: data quality and availability, IT systems in place, type and complexity of production and maturity of the organization.

Should we use rules & simulation based scheduling?

Most APS systems developed in the 1980’s and 1990’s are based on dispatching or sequencing rules and simulations. The most sophisticated packages offer the possibility to use dynamic rules or even user defined configurable rules. Their popularity was not a surprise considering the limited computing resources of their time. But such rule based systems also have serious drawbacks and many implementations have led to disappointing results.