DSP Valley
DSP Valley is a technology network, focusing on the design of micro-electronics hardware and embedded software for signal processing systems.
De Clercq

An experienced and trustworthy implementation partner. De Clercq Solutions implements and integrates MES and WMS systems.


HIPPEROS (High Performance Parallel Embedded Real-time Operating Systems) is new application-oriented and configurable RTOS designed to use multi-core parallel architectures efficiently for embedded and mobile IT devices.


Boja is an international company that provides Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) IT solutions for enterprises and industries in particular for supply chain, production and logistics systems.


Parallel Architectures for Real-Time Systems (PARTS) is transdisciplinary research center active in the domain of analysis, design and implementation of real-time systems for embedded applications.


The BEAMS (Bio-, Electro- And Mechanical Systems) department was born in 2006 by merging three departments of the Applied Sciences Faculty of the Université Libre de Bruxelles: CAD-CAM , micro-electronics and electrical engineering.

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