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MangoGem offers a wide spectrum of services in its areas of expertise. Services range from problem solving, advice, trainings, analyses, design or even custom development.


Real-Time Systems Consulting

MangoGem provides Real-time Systems consulting services for customers that demand high reliability mission/safety critical software, systems and hardware for vertical market sectors as Aerospace, Defense, Avionics, Control and Communication systems.

MangoGem provides individuals or project teams within disciplines such as: Engineering, Electronics, Software Development, Systems Architecture, Project Planning, Human Factors, Safety & Reliability and Quality.

Our skills with embedded systems programming allow us to deliver top quality embedded software, including Board Support Packages, device drivers, embedded system middleware, protocol stacks and complete Real-Time Systems.

IT Consulting

Throughout the life of your project, MangoGem consultants can bring their decades of experience in different critical projects to make sure your project is on track.

Our consultant can especially make the difference in some key areas such as:

  • Hardware Development
  • Design and Implementation of RTOS
  • Embedded Systems Architectures
  • Hardware and Software Integration and Test
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance



Certified Software

Software certification demonstrates the reliability and safety of software systems in such a way that it can be checked by an independent authority with minimal trust in the techniques and tools used in the certification process itself.  MangoGem provides certification software services for critical applications in complex environments.

MangoGem can help you cope with issues related to development tools and methodologies, coding quality, static code analysis, technological debts and software metrics. Adherence to coding rules and standards (such as MISRA), Software Life Cycle Management (IEC 12207) and code certification (such as DO178B/C) are part of our core expertise.




MangoGem works in close collaboration with different product providers, but also with some certified proprietary products, and even with open source, or free products that matches world wide accepted standards. For all those products, MangoGem offers his customers different service supports


  • Telephone support
  • Release/upgrade support
  • Product maintenance (MangoGem related products).



MangoGem provides training sessions for his domains of expertise, but also in MangoGem partner products.

  • Software Development Process
  • Programming languages
  • Processor Architectures
  • Fault analysis of hardware and software
  • Feasibility studies


UEG becomes MangoGem

UEG becomes MangoGem

On December 10th 2013, UEG SA has increased its capital to 300.000€ and purchased its partner company Deepartis BVBA. This consolidation brings into a single company their joint expertise in software and hardware for embedded systems. With more personnel, more R&D, more market presence, and new...

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