Who Are We?

We are APS experts in industrial operations & planning, Manufacturing Science, Operations Research IT and of course innovative Heuristics & Artificial Intelligence

  • Founded in 2002, first as consulting or third-party APS development
  • After 2011, we develop & implement our own 5th generation APS
  • Exclusive focus Real-Time APS, S&OP & SCP solutions for enterprises (Industry 4.0)
  • High level team, professors and PhDs, and senior industry experts
  • Located in Brussels, Belgium, active worldwide with local VAR partners

MangoGem SA. Chaussée de Louvain, 47. B-1410 Waterloo. BELGIUM

Company history and background

The pioneers’ years - 1989 to 2006

During these early years the MangoGem core team did research and development work in planning and scheduling domains to developed custom APS systems on behalf of several industrial corporations and software vendors.

The consulting years - 2006 to 2012: consulting and prototype

The founders used MangoGem to operate as a developer for third parties and as a planning and scheduling consultancy. The founders saw the value of automated tools and started developing the very early versions of the MangoGem tool with a team of engineers on a self-financed basis. The product development was guided by feedback from direct customers and industrial experts on the shortcomings of legacy products.

The product years - 2013 to 2019: from pilot to complete commercial version

The year 2013 was a ‘tipping point’ when the founders raised first financing round to move from prototype to tool (release 2.0). The development team was expanded and 2 other major releases followed.  At the end of this phase, MangoGem had developed a complete commercial tool.

The commercial years - 2020 to date: APS ready to go

In 2020, the company launched the current version of the tool and was ready for broader commercialization and licensing. MangoGem expanded and strengthened the team on the commercial side. It focused its strategy on deals with local integrators and global software companies.

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